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Smoke Generators

Smoke Generators
Smoke Generators


Fog generators (hazers) produce a light transparent haze, consisting of the smallest drops of a special liquid on a water basis. The rays of light, passing through such fog, become visible, creating a special scenic atmosphere.
To produce heavy smoke,  we use "dry ice". It forms a dense, creeping water vapor that can quickly spread throughout the scene. Such a "smoke" can simulate low clouds or create a veil that is impenetrable for viewers under "magic" manipulations.
Cryo-effects cause uncontrollable delight even from the most sophisticated audience. Enormous pillars of snow-white smoke are fired at a distance of 10-15 meters and sweeping guests with a wave of frosty freshness. The pillars of ice smoke quickly grow and instantly dissipate, so the volley from the cryogenerator resembles a cannon shot. The whole effect takes literally a few seconds. When creating cryonic effects, the usual carbon dioxide, CO2, is used.

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