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Mechanical equipment

Mechanical equipment
Mechanical equipment


Collapsible stage - the best technical solution for holding outdoor events, concerts or holidays.

The stage complex has an attractive, light appearance, it is not very demanding on the surface of the site and can be repeatedly reinstalled.

The roof of the stage is made of load-bearing aluminum trusses, on which light and sound equipment is placed, as well as the stage design. 2 rectangular gates, assembled from aluminum trusses, can be attached to the right and left of the main roof, at the same level as the upper perimeter.

Portals can act as first-stage wings, also for hanging acoustics, lights, LED screens or banners.

Constructions for the scene are interchangeable elements that allow you to design scenes of any type and size.

Our company uses absolutely safe and certified materials from world leading manufacturers of stage designs, such as Layher, TechTeam, Ledika, and others.


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